Monday, September 12, 2011

Mark Levin comments on Mitt Romney

I saw this posted on Mark Levin's Facebook page, in the form of a note.  This is such an outstanding commentary on Mitt Romney, that I must repost it.  I can't find it anywhere to link to but his Facebook notes, so my apologies, and all credit to Mark Levin ( for this below quoted note:

Mitt Romney and his defense of Big Government
by Mark Levin on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 8:00am
Romney is not only defending RomneyCare and the individual mandate, but he is sounding like the worse of the left-wing fear-mongers in defending the existing Social Security system which the Social Security trustees say is unsustainable.  This is why I do not believe Romney can be relied on to roll back the massive federal Leviathan.  He believes in it.  Just as Paul Ryan came up with reforms to Medicare and Medicaid, Rick Perry -- who I have not endorsed, as I am not endorsing anyone right now -- is urging reforming Social Security.   But now we have Romney acting like a liberal demagogue, seeking political opportunity by scaring seniors and lying about the program.  I notice he has not been all that critical of Perry's poor record on illegal immigration.  Why is that?  Is Romney weak on illegal immigration as well?

Apparently Romney's Social Security fear-mongering has earned him Tim Pawlenty's useless endorsement, meaning we were right to be skeptical about Pawlenty's claim to be a fiscal conservative.  And my good friend Michele Bachmann is walking a fine line, jumping on this Social Security issue in hopes of attracting support from seniors in Florida.

These Republicans need to understand that this is not the 1970's.  We, the people, are demanding the truth about government and we are demanding real changes.  We know that the entitlement programs are unfunded to the tune of over $60 trillion.  And we are demanding that this be addressed.  Romney has no plan for addressing any of it, that much is clear.  

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