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Beware of unintended consequences....

President Obama keeps telling us he has all these experts making analyses and recommendations, but he's ignoring them and making political choices instead, which will have harmful effects.

From Fox News:

White House report recommends oil drilling moratorium... Problem: authors of report actually say the opposite

Democrats in Senate protect executive power in rejecting Murkowski Amendment

Murkowski Amendment Fails, 47-53 -- By: Daniel Foster: A bipartisan effort to halt the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

"Resolution of Disapproval" of EPA CO2 regulations

From Americans for Prosperity:

AFP Statement on Sen. Murkowski EPA Disapproval Resolution

Statement from AFP Vice President for Policy Phil Kerpen:

"Senator Murkowski's bipartisan resolution of disapproval is a huge step forward to restoring some sanity to economic policy by stopping the EPA's runaway bureaucracy. EPA's blueprint for its outrageous global warming power grab includes 18,000 pages of proposed regulations to control every aspect of the economy--everything that moves: planes, trains, buses, automobiles, tractors, lawn mowers, livestock--and lots of things that don't move, including commercial buildings and commercial kitchens that use natural gas as a cooking fuel.

"Sens. Lincoln (Ark.), Landrieu (La.), and Nelson (Neb.) deserve credit for crossing party lines and joining Murkowski's effort to reclaim control of economic policy for Congress. Under the Congressional Review Act it only takes 30 signatures to force a floor vote, so this will get voted on. It will only require 51 votes to prevail, and we encourage all senators to join this bipartisan effort not to outsource our economic future to bureaucrats at the EPA."

Read more:

Senators Cornyn and Hutchison from Texas have already signed on in support of this resolution. If you live outside of Texas, contact your Senator NOW and ask them to support!

Senator Murkowski's full resolution is HERE in PDF.

Full writeup in The Hill.


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It's official: Lt. Col. Allen West is my new favorite politician

She might be the most disingenuous person in the history of American politics

Pelosi tries to demonstrate her strong Christian faith and guidance without actually mentioning "Jesus", "Christ", "Son of God", "Christianity", or anything else that wouldn't later be deniable. I think I heard "gospel" in there once.

Does she really believe she's "prepared to answer" when He comes again? How does Pelosi really thing she's "measured up"?