Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Medicare open enrollment commercial?

or covert Obama-care propaganda?

I keep seeing this commercial, where the old men are sitting on the park bench, discussing the deadline for medicare open enrollment.  Towards the end, one of the old men makes a comment about 'medicare gives you free this and free that and 50% off Rx drugs when you're in the donut hole........'.  Then he slips in the comment, "it's all part of the health care law."

Is this an effort to subliminally endear seniors to Obama-care?  I think it is.  Watch and see:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marybeth Hicks' "Viral" Column on OWS Protesters

This week, I received a "viral" email from my mom, which contained the pasted text from Washington Times columnist Marybeth Hicks' recent piece, titled "Some Belated Parental Advice to Protesters".   It was a funny and insightful column, which I forwarded to many of my friends.  (I even strategically included some of my liberal friends, whom I'm certain ignorantly support the OWS movement.)

Upon further research of Marybeth Hicks, I discovered that she is also an author of a book, titled "Don't Let The Kids Drink the Kool-Aid", and also that her article I had forwarded, was actually part three in a three part series.  All three of the articles are excellent, and are linked below, as well as her most recent column.  As the father of a 16 year old, I will also be reading her book, although I'm certain I already know what's in it, since it appears this brilliant author and columnist thinks a lot like me. ;-)

HICKS: Vision of a ‘just society’ is just plain funny

Tuesday, November 1, 2011