Monday, September 12, 2011

Climate Change debate

We keep hearing from Chris Matthews (MSNBC) and countless other media and politicians that the anthropogenic climate change debate is over and the science is settled.  I've even recently heard Republican presidential contenders described as "not believing in science", if they haven't accepted human caused global warming as scientific fact.

Here is a cold, hard FACT:  there's still plenty of debate in this area.  Rick Perry was correct in stating that there are plenty of scientists out there who dispute the theories of those scientists saying that global warming is man caused.  He is also absolutely right in stating that we shouldn't be making massive government-mandated, economy-destroying regulations based on this disputed theory.  Yes, Governor Perry had trouble articulating this (I've actually volunteered to the campaign to help debate-prep him on this issue, but they have not yet responded), and he had trouble coming up with a name of a climate scientist who helps to shape his view on this issue.  Hint:  Roy Spencer, PhD is one name Governor Perry should be espousing.

Linked below are two articles disputing the theories, of whether or not clouds cause temperature changes (e.g. warming).  One theory is from a scientist at my beloved alma mater, Texas A&M University, stating that clouds do NOT cause warming.  Another is from Dr. Spencer, punching holes in that theory, with his own theory.  This, my friends, is scientific debate, over two conflicting theories, on a topic in which there is little real understanding in the scientific community.....hence the reason that we should not be making government regulations at this time in history, based on one of the unproven theories.  THE SCIENCE IS NOWHERE NEAR 'SETTLED'.

Dr. Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M Atmospheric Sciences Professor

Dr. Roy Spencer, Research Scientist, University of Alabama-Huntsville, Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA Marshall Flight Center

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