Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red pill/Blue pill

President Obama tonight gave his sales pitch for Obamacare/healthcare reform tonight during a primetime press conference. I had to go for a walk on the beach just to keep my head from exploding. The entire thing was a giant smokescreen for government healthcare.

As absurd as his assertions were, including his repeated references to "market-based solutions", which is the exact opposite of the actual proposal, there is just one analogy he proposed that keeps coming back to me. He tried to say something about a patient having a choice between a "red pill" and a "blue pill", which would provide similar outcomes, and that patients should have access to the red pill if it's less expensive. I could not agree more. Where his analogy falls apart is that he wants a government bureaucrat deciding which pill the patient gets (and IF they get it), instead of the consumer/patient making that decision for themselves. A bureaucrat making healthcare decisions for individuals is NOT a market-based solution. It just drives me insane that he gets away with wrapping his proposals in this conservative language, when the reality is such the opposite.

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