Tuesday, July 21, 2009

False choices

Healthcare battle 'isn't about me': Obama

This headline made me laugh. Obama seems to think EVERYTHING is about him. When it comes to a healthcare bill he's trying to ram through by next month, one that will change the very foundation of this country, to hear him say it's not about him is just laughable.

What really drives me nuts about this article is a common strategy used by liberals. In pitching his healthcare plan, Obama says, "There are some in this town who are content to perpetuate the status quo, are in fact fighting reform on behalf of powerful special interests". This is just a ludicrous statement, to imply that anyone opposing his massive government takeover of healthcare is supporting the "status quo", and that they are evilly doing so on behalf of some mysterious "special interest". The implication is that "if you don't support my plan, then you support doing nothing, and are aligning yourself with these evil special interests who are profitting off of keeping things the way they are". It's insulting to believe that we will accept that "false choice", but Obama is so arrogant that he believes we will accept everything he tells us as plain fact, especially after it's blown back at us by the media as the gospel straight from the mouth of the messiah.

The fact is, that the only special interest being supported here is the ever-expanding federal government, with the full cooperation of the slobbering Democrats in Washington, drunk on their massive majority power.

Good news is, that I think this is the turning point in the liberal accumulation of power. They have absolutely hung themselves with such a rapid power grab, that even the most politically myopic voter can clearly see. SC Senator Jim DeMint called this healthcare bill Obama's "Waterloo". I think I have to concur.

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