Saturday, October 17, 2009

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is not very smart

Meet Chris Matthews: "Journalist"

This is an interview with Phillip Dennis from the Dallas Tea Party, in which Matthews comes out of the gates trying to paint Mr. Dennis to be some kind of idiotic secessionist redneck from Texas. He challenges Mr. Dennis on "knowing history" about Hoover and the depression ("well you know history sir"), then when Dennis demonstrates his thorough knowledge of history--that FDR policy likely EXTENDED the Great Depression by 7 years--all Matthews could do was laugh, and fall back on the fact that FDR was reelected, and that it "wasn't believed at the time".

Matthews also condemned the Bush stimulus while simultaneously defending the Obama stimulus. (Mr. Dennis of course condemned both.) In typical lib fashion, Matthews also equates opposition to Obama's action to support of "doing nothing". Clearly, Mr. Dennis had an alternative proposal, of tax cuts and reduced spending, but Matthews didn't want to hear about that, just continually reducing the ideas to "a big tax cut and lots of speeches", and "doing nothing".

Liberals just don't know what to do when confronted with facts. Everyone knows (not everyone accepts) that the Great Depression was ended by WWII, NOT by FDR's Keynesian economic policy.


johnny dollar said...

I think your headline confuses the two Chrisses: Wallace and Matthews! ;)

Magnum said...

funny I turned on Fox News Sunday this morning and it dawned on me that I needed to correct the headline! Thanks for the tip.