Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shocking? Not a bit.

NOT a shock at all. Neither is this weekend's "revelation" that the administration is looking to hit the middle class with tax increases (LINK, LINK). If you are shocked by this, then you have been asleep or not paying attention.

Liberals do not like being confronted with their own words....especially words that reveal their real agenda. The Obama administration is so tweaked by this, that they are actually campaigning against it, saying it was taken out of context. They are using video from two months ago to show that the older video is "disinformation". They don't realize that's the whole point: Obama is saying something different now than he said before. Which one do we believe?

Out of context, they say? I don't think so:

So let's see:
  • White House? Check
  • Senate? Check
  • House of Representatives? Check
  • Universal/Single-payer healthcare? ON THE WAY!


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