Monday, March 16, 2009


I've been overwhelmed lately, and unable to even digest much politics. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi power-grab and spend-a-thon has really made me too sickened to even think lately. In my lifetime, I have seen Americans united against the Soviet Union, which was the ultimate experiment in big government. That experiment failed, but it now seems that our elected officials in power think the answer to all our woes is more government.

Look at what our federal bureaucracy currently runs: medicare/medicaid, social security, US Postal Service, Amtrak....I could go on, but I don't have to. You get the point. The best way to make sure an entity fails is to put government in charge of it. So what is the solution of our leaders to fix the auto and banking industries? Government control....the one thing we are 100% sure will fail.

Myself, I am fond of the Limbaugh/Gingrich ideas. Eliminate capital gains taxes and cut corporate tax rates in half. Reduce marginal rates for everyone, and watch the economy soar. I believe this approach would send the Dow racing back up overnight, and confidence would skyrocket. This "investment" would be less expensive than the spending spree our congress in currently engaged in, but we won't see this solution, because it does not provide the "power-grab" our Democratic leadership seeks. They are clearly using the current economic crisis to their advantage, to implement their policies while no one dare question them.

I got a massage last weekend. The masseur was a large, middle-aged Russian immigrant. He had come to the United States during "Peristroika" in 1986, and was so grateful to President Reagan, for insisting of Gorbachev to allow Soviet citizens to leave of their own free will. Jacob shared stories with me of his days under Soviet rule. From birth, they were schooled on the Communist Party, and how it was their ally, and essential to their survival. They were told of horrid conditions of the people of the United States, under their evil, capitalist regime. Communist party...Communist party...Communist party. No god, just Communist party. Jacob told me that if they dared speak of God in their home, they knew the KGB would be there soon, to remind them "no god...just Communist party". I asked if he was in the Soviet army. He laughed and said "of course. everyone go in Soviet Army. If you don't, then you go to jail. After you get out of jail, you go in Soviet Army. We had no choices in Soviet Union."

Why do I retell Jacob's story? It just seems that many of us who remember the evil empire have somehow failed to recognize the similarities of the regime of Nancy Pelosichev, and Harry Reidnikov (Obama is really just an enabler to them). They are trying to create a dependent class in the U.S. that is over 50% of the electorate, thereby cementing their power structure in this country for any foreseeable future. "Dependent on Communist party, therefore must support Communist party for survival." This is NOT America. I just hope my comrades start to recognize this before it's too late.

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