Sunday, January 4, 2009

Token "first post" for 2009

It's January 4, 2009, and I have yet to post anything. Since I'm leaving this week for a company meeting in Newport Beach, I'm just going to post about whatever comes to mind (isn't that the essence of a blog anyway?), and hope it comes out coherent and mildly entertaining.

I saw today that Bill Richardson withdrew his name from the nomination to the Obama cabinet post. My prediction is that this is the first of many similar situations with the incoming administration. I don't even think Rahm Emanuel will make it to inauguration day.

Has anyone noticed Obama sprinting to the center after the election. This is a good thing, and I hope it continues, as reality continues to set in for our new leader.

I truly hope that 2009 has some good things in store for my family. My wife has been through hell with her health lately, and we have prayed for the blessing of a healthy year in 2009.

I have some selfish wishes for 2009 as well. I really am hoping to get away this Spring to the slopes for a few days. I haven't snowboarded in 3 years, and really need to log some hours on the board!

Texas A&M and the Dallas Cowboys are home for the season, so my football year is over. I'm a Gator fan by birth, so I can stretch my football season til the 8th, but after that, it's all Aggie basketball, Mavs basketball, and Aggie baseball.

Aggie football just has to be better in 2009. Can it get any worse??

I saw on Fox News today that Elvis Presley made $52 million last year. An entertainer who died in 1977 makes more money than most entertainers alive today.....only in America!

Finally, all my Christmas decorations are taken down and put away. I feel really good about that, as it closes the lid on 2008 for good!

Happy New Year.

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